CRASH! Course For Success

The CRASH! Course is a high energy, educational and motivational event presented in an entertaining style. A Positive Power session, Rich's high energy playing and energetic outlook on life in "the business" is sure to motivate, educate, and empower you and your students/employees to strive for excellence, sustain it and provide positive growth for all. Experience one the most exciting and informative clinics you'll ever witness!

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Rich Redmond covers in depth the mental, musical and business skills necessary for success in the the game of life.

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Music and Rich's love of rhythm are used as a means of expression for global concept.

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The concepts are explained as they relate to the ultimate attraction of success in life.

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As a highly accomplished recording and touring drummer, Rich Redmond plays drums to #1 hit singles for his audience and attributes much of this success to a positive mental attitude.

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Additional Concepts: Positive Mental Attitude Attitude-Behavior-Consequence Passion-Determination-Persistence Playing-Personality-People Skills The Love-Joy Concept- Goal Setting and the Pursuit of Dreams- The Virtues of Teamwork- Professionalism- Basic Business Concepts

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Rich Redmond is available for Corporate Events, Business Rallies, Master Classes, Private Lessons (limited availability), and Meet/Greets. Contact us for availability.

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"THANK YOU for an outstanding clinic at Northern Illinois University! your presentation combining musical preparation along with people skills, business follow-through and building connections in the musical world will prove very valuable to our students.  Universities do a great job at training the musician, but not a great job at preparing these musicians for the real musical world.Thanks for bridging the gap! -Robert Chappell, Professor of Percussion, Northern Illinois University

Rich C.R.A.S.H!es Terre Haute, IN



In this time of recession, things can become very monotonous.  We are all working our tails off to maintain our clients, productivity, and especially our bottom line. It becomes very difficult for employees to stay motivated and not feel like we are being dragged down by the "man."  What can we do to stay motivated, and get ahead and remember those reasons for doing what it is we do? Rich Redmond brings those reasons back into your equation.  His upbeat, and motivational CRASH! Course for Success will leave you energized and empowered.  Utilizing music as his medium, Rich talks about things that drive us as people, as students, as business owners, and as team players. He embodies what it means to be committed your goals and discusses the steps necessary to be successful and reminds us of those reasons for loving what we do.


As a touring musician Rich speaks of the many people he meets and talks with and conveys the importance of building and maintaining relationships both professionally and personally. He speaks of what it really means to be committed to a common goal and what kind of attitude and outlook it takes to reach those goals. Rich demonstrates through music, how to hone your skills and become an asset to those around you and what it means to be "hungry" for success.


From a marketing stand point, one of the most effective things a company can do for it's employees is bring in someone to speak to them - as an outsider. Someone that can motivate, energize, and empower your employees to be "Committed" to Goals, create new "Relationships", shift the "Attitude", hone their Skills, and regain the "Hunger" for success,  Rich Redmond's CRASH! Course for Success is fun, informative and can be tailored to meet your company's needs.

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